Project Management

If you choose us, you are choosing a strong partner with know-how.

Product Development / Mold Engineering

Development & Design of 3D projects from a single source

Mold Manufacturing

Are you planning medium or large series? We manufacture the Injections tools for them in-house.

Trials / Mold Qualification - Industrialization

During production stages, our tools are subjected to strict quality controls


The perfect surface and quality: What was once difficult to imagine in milling is now becoming a true trend thanks to modern machine and tool concepts.
Precision applications, where no grinding, polishing, or eroding is required after milling, are growing continuously.
The tool holding systems perform several tasks at the same time: They ensure precise concentricity of the tools, compensate for vibrations, and guarantee both high geometric precision and perfect surface quality.

Whether in the watchmaking, mold manufacturing or medical technology, companies in almost all disciplines of machining are looking for the most efficient ways to streamline their processes.

Injection tools concepts

  • Injection moulding tools for thermoplastic materials
  • Injection moulding tools for Duroplast / Elastomer
  • 2-K / 3K molds with rotary index and rotary table process
  • Multi-cavity molds
  • Microparts
  •  Overmolding – Insert Molding
  • Tools with hydraulic cylinder, screw-in cores, threads
  • Stack molds
  • Gas-assisted injection molding
  • Moulds up to 7 tons


– Medical

– Electronics

– Automotive

– Aerospace

– Watches / Jewelry

– Packaging

– Domestic appliances

– Lighting technology

 – Roctool



Energy & Environmental Policy

Immediate environmental risks such as groundwater protection, exhaust air, noise and greenhouse gas emissions are now also part of Tugalmolde’s environmental and energy policy
Energy has become an important parameter and cost factor for our company. The implementation and regular review and improvement of all conceivable energy saving measures is an important part of our environmental and energy policy and contributes to the sustainable development of the company. Responsible use of resources affects all people, internally and externally. To conserve general resources, we already contribute today by means of a self-used photovoltaic system.