Product Development / Mold Engineering

Through our know-how, we have the possibility to develop and produce your sketch or your existing basic concept to a complete 3D model.

If your idea has already been fully developed in a 3D format, we use our know-how, acquired over years of mold making, to prepare your product even more robustly and effectively for the manufacturing process. Through our experienced and competent staff, we develop flexible solutions with high quality so that the customer can benefit from cost savings.


• Mold Flow Analysis
• Design / Concept Sketch 3D
• Draft Angles Analysis
• Parting lines Development in consultation with our customers
• Gate Type / Ejector Position Develop in consultation with our customers
• Cooling Optimization
• Complete 3D tool design
• Detailed mold components (2D & 3D)

Project Management

If you choose us, you are choosing a strong partner with know-how.

Product Development / Mold Engineering

Development & Design of 3D projects from a single source

Mold Manufacturing

Are you planning medium or large series? We manufacture the Injections tools for them in-house.

Trials / Mold Qualification - Industrialization

During production stages, our tools are subjected to strict quality controls